Eligibility requires an applicant to demonstrate he/she is developing or operating a bee farming business, or is employed in or working on behalf of a sector-related business or organisation. Members are expected to abide by the association’s code of conduct.

Membership is available to business entities (eg, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies) via a principal contact.

All applications are considered on individual merit. The board of directors is responsible for application decisions. 


Benefits of membership include:

  • information, advice and support on all aspects of bee farming
  • specialist insurance
  • special pricing through BFA Sales on specialist equipment and consumable items
  • eligibility to access purchasing services from AF Affinity across a diverse range of supplies and utilities
  • vehicle discounts from Toyota/Lexus and Ford
  • bee suit discounts from BJ Sherriff
  • complimentary copy of the bi-monthly magazine, Bee Farmer; preferential advertising rates for members
  • year book incorporating specialist supplier directory
  • networking opportunities and trade contacts
  • eligibility for inclusion in the Bee Farmers’ Association/BigBarn supplier maps 
  • special events, including visits in the UK and abroad
  • professional development opportunities
  • regional meetings
  • online discussion group
  • industry data and reports
  • eligibility for the Disease Assurance Scheme for Honeybees (DASH)
  • opportunity to employ apprentice bee farmers
  • circulation of UK and overseas beekeeping magazines
  • complimentary subscription to The Beekeepers’ Quarterly.

Note: benefits may be restricted in some membership categories and/or may change from time to time. Further details are available on request from Membership Services.

Membership Categories


This is the general membership category open to new and existing members and provides access to the full range of available benefits.

Member (Concession)

Open to existing members who have ceased active bee farming for whatever reason but wish to maintain contact with the sector and individuals therein. Members in this category are eligible to receive communications and publications from the association and to attend meetings and events. 

Important note: Members requiring insurance through the Bee Farmers’ Association are required to maintain general membership.

Member (Life)

The full range of benefits of general membership is available on a life basis to retired board members or others of long service to the association nominated and approved in general meeting.

Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are payable for the membership year which runs from 1 January to 31 December. A 50 per cent discount on the annual fee is available to those joining on or after 1 July. The current whole year subscription rate (Member) is £280 inclusive of VAT.

Further Information

If you require further information on joining the Bee Farmers’ Association, please contact Membership Services.