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   The BFA is the largest contract pollinator in the UK and our members are responsible for virtually all the migratory pollination. They are responsible for the majority of the UK honey sold in bulk to honey packers and to larger retailers. Full membership requires more than 40 hives. Some of our members have more than 2000 hives. BFA members adhere to a code of conduct - unique among beekeeping associations. The BFA is affiliated to the National Farmers' Union and the Honey (Packers) Association.  


       We need more honeybees and more bee farmers in the UK. We believe the latest research released by Reading University highlights this.
The Reading paper raises concerns about the supply of pollination services to agriculture.
This is a message the Bee Farmers Association has been taking to Government for years now. The researchers say “Using data from 41 countries, this study demonstrates that the recommended number of honeybees required to provide crop pollination across Europe has risen 4.9 times as fast as honeybee stocks between 2005 and 2010. Consequently honeybee  stocks are insufficient to supply >90% of demands in 22 countries studied.”
They highlight the UK as one of the worst affected countries.
So the BFA renews its call to the Government to invest more in bee farming across the country before it is too late. We need to attract youngsters into the industry – not just to see it as a worthwhile career but to help ensure the country meet food production targets.                                                                                                                                                   Read the full story in the News tab or click HERE

10th December 2013 - Pollination Service                                                                                                              The BFA administers the National Pollination Service (NPS). The service brings together growers in need of crop pollination and professional beekeepers. Check out the "Pollination" page for details of the service, Terms and Conditions and an order form.  

31st October 2013 BFA Launches Apprentice Scheme

There is a skills shortage and an ageing profile in the industry. The knowledge exists in our industry and we must tap into it before it is too late. This apprenticeship scheme is designed to do just that.’

The BFA believes the best way to recruit and train new entrants into the industry is through the development of an ‘in house’ apprenticeship scheme.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Read the full story in the News tab or click HERE

26th September 2013 BFA Novel Research Looks To Reverse The Decline Of The Beekeeping Sector

Honeybees may soon be able to communicate their poor health to beekeepers as a result of major new research which looks set to transform the practice of beekeeping and halt the worrying decline of the sector in Europe.
                                                                                                             Read the full story in the News tab or click HERE