Training Opportunities

The Bee Farmers' Association is launching a pilot for a new industry training programme.

There are two strands to this programme. The first is a formal qualification with certification and the second is access to a suite of continuing professional development (CPD) modules covering a range of topics.

Five strategically located centres have been appointed around the UK to deliver the pilot programme.

Formal Qualification

The formal qualification typically involves a three-year programme of study and leads to the Wax Chandlers’ Diploma of Excellence in Bee Farming. The course comes with the backing of recognised organisations such as the Livery Companies Skills Council (LCSC) and City & Guilds (C&G). 

The diploma comprises 15 mandatory modules and is open to both members and non-members of the Bee Farmers' Association. In addition, graduation with the diploma will require a period of work on a bee farm to gain practical hands-on bee farming experience.

This course is only suited to those with some beekeeping experience, aspiring to or already working within the industry; it is not suitable for hobby beekeepers simply wishing to develop their interest. There is a robust selection process for candidates. 

Continuing Professional Development

The modular design of the qualification offers the opportunity for individual modules to be made available by the training centres both as part of the diploma programme and also as standalone continuing professional development for those who are interested in just parts of the diploma programme. In addition, the training centres also offer other training tailored to the bee farming industry. Examples include:

  • health and safety
  • first aid for lone workers
  • food safety
  • pest control
  • manual handling and fork-lift training
  • financial management
  • use of social media in marketing.

This is not an exhaustive list and will be augmented in response to demand as the programme develops.

This is an exciting venture for the Bee Farmers' Association and is designed to address demand from those wishing to enter the industry and from those already it wishing to further their knowledge or gain certification, for example to meet statutory requirements or customer expectations.

To register your interest, please contact the projects officer.